Empty Handed NJ formed in late 1999. Joseph M. Edwards (vocals, guitar), Ian D. Webster (drums), and Dave Carlson (bass) wrote a handful of songs and by January 2000 were playing their first show. Dave left the band and after a few guest bass players, Anthony Gregory joined the band. In April 2000, Dave briefly returned and Anthony moved over to guitar. Dave and Anthony parted ways and in September of 2000, Marshall Tucker-Jones joined on bass and vocals. Empty Handed NJ continued through the years as this line up with Rachel Rebovich joining the band on guitar. Anthony returned for a short run throughout the summer of 2001. After a strong run, Empty Handed NJ parted ways with Anthony and Marshall. Mike Burt soon joined the band filling the bass position, followed shortly by Daniel Tronco on guitar. In July 2002, Empty Handed NJ decided to call it quits. In 2006, Joseph, Ian, and Marshall decided to reunite and perform a reunion set in November. Enjoying the reconnection, Joseph and Ian soon entered Echo Studios, despite Marshall's absence, to record a new EP of old songs. Another show followed in August of 2007 with Mike returning on bass and soon after Empty Handed NJ went back on hiatus. In December of 2011, Empty Handed NJ performed their last show to date with a reunion of the core 2001 line up featuring Joseph, Ian, Marshall, Anthony.